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How You Can Protect Yourself – and Your Customers – From Chargebacks

Chargebacks are meant to protect consumers from unauthorized transactions.   Any business that sells goods or services online has to take control of chargebacks. Too many chargebacks can break a business’s bottom line and reputation among credit card merchants and processors. But let’s start with the basics, what are chargebacks? What are Chargebacks? In simple […]

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High fees charged to tech support companies

The tech support industry is booming – but so are fees and chargebacks.   Tech support is always in high demand, but with our social media and internet driven world, the demand is higher than ever. The problem these companies face is the high processing charges and interest rates that they must pay for credit […]

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Chargebacks are the Biggest Enemy to the Travel Industry

Do you know how to protect your travel business from chargebacks?   Tax returns are starting to roll in, and people are beginning to plan their vacations. Travel agencies and experts are about to be hit with a wave of clients, which can help fuel their local economies. While spending money on a much-needed vacation […]

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Tech Support Chargebacks Could Sink Your Business

The best thing that any merchant – tech support or not – can do is to research their options   Tech support is a much-needed element of any online business. From bill payments to online shopping, and even online banking, tech support operators are constantly busy helping clients navigate their issues. While much needed, tech […]

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