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High fees charged to tech support companies

The tech support industry is booming – but so are fees and chargebacks.   Tech support is always in high demand, but with our social media and internet driven world, the demand is higher than ever. The problem these companies face is the high processing charges and interest rates that they must pay for credit […]

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Payment processing and the Adult Industry

The adult industry is a profitable  business for web merchants   A merchant account is essential for ANY online vendor to do business and receive payments.  However, within the payment industry, merchant accounts for certain types of businesses are classified as “high risk” , because of the high risk of chargebacks and disputes in transactions […]

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What Merchants Need to Know About Returns, Refunds, and Unhappy Customers

First off, all merchants need a return policy   Every business will experience a return, a refund, or at the very least, and unhappy customer at some point. While some businesses have this as a common occurrence, and know how to handle it, others do not. New merchants may not know that a return or […]

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