Top Sustainable Business Immigration

Top Sustainable Business Immigration Opportunities in Canada

It’s no secret that going green is the future. Whether it becomes a way of life or a way to conduct business, living a sustainable life is fast becoming a must and it can be as simple as making an informed choice. Although sustainability is not always coupled with affordability there are some businesses in Canada that are doing their utmost to be the change that our planet so desperately needs. In fact, the Canadian government itself is providing options to business immigration to Canada for companies with funding through various programs and initiatives to help spark the green light on implementing more innovative ways to create and maintain sustainable business practices and environments.

In this article, we take a look at Canada’s top business industries that are striving to make Canada green again and how the Canadian government is supporting them. So let’s take a closer look at some of the top sustainable Canadian business immigration opportunities and how we can help you immigrate to Canada.

How Going Green Can Boost Your Business Opportunities in Canada

Canada is committed to creating a low-emission economy, by implementing and developing various innovations and clean technology. Canada currently has over 850 clean technology (cleantech) companies, of which 12 Canadian companies currently feature on the Global 100 Cleantech list. Below are some of the top ways that the Canadian government is encouraging business immigration to Canada and promoting the use of green or cleantech initiatives through government funding programs.

What is Cleantech?

Cleantech is any development aimed at decreasing carbon emissions and pollution as well as increasing the efficiency of resources. Canada has various government initiatives designed to promote sustainability in businesses. Here are the top ways that Canada is supporting green initiatives in some of Canada’s top industries.

1. How Renewable Energy is Igniting a Green Spark

Canada is the second-largest producer of hydroelectricity globally, receiving 67% of its electricity and 17.3% of its energy from renewable sources such as hydro, solid biomass and wind. Its natural resource industry has created over 1.7 million jobs in Canada and is continually working toward developing new methods of using these resources in sustainable ways especially in the oil and gas, minerals and metals and forest industries.

Ontario based company, Trojan UV, are leaders in the development of water treatment solutions. British Columbia is a leader in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, of which 90% is exported. Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia are all leaders in innovation in the natural resource sector. Nova Scotian company, CarbonCure, is also doing its part to minimize waste by recycling carbon dioxide to produce high-quality concrete.

Canada’s Strategic Innovation Fund gives businesses the break that they need to turn their innovative ideas into reality by providing financial support to businesses with large projects (over $10 million) aimed at helping to grow the economy and create jobs in Canada through innovation.

2. How Innovation is Helping Grow Canada’s Agriculture & Agri-Food Sector

Canada is the 7th largest food exporter globally with 6,900 businesses currently operating in the food and beverage sector providing around 2.3 million jobs in Canada. Canada is introducing innovation to farming by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) through facial recognition for livestock as well as AI-powered herbicide distribution systems and anonymous tractors. Popular provinces to set up your business venture in Canada including Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia, some of which have their own agricultural categories for business immigration to Canada.

The Canadian government offers support in the way of the NextGen Biofuels Fund(currently closed) and the Seed Fund, which offers to fund of up to $100,000 to cleantech entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of development. Other popular funding initiatives for those in the agricultural sector include:

  • Accelerated Investment Incentive – tax write off 100% spent on new clean energy manufacturing and processing equipment.
  • Protein Industries Supercluster – sustainable high-quality plant protein and plant-based co-products
  • Strategic Innovation Fund – general support innovation and development in technologies used in agriculture and agri-food value chains.

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3. How Technology & Advanced Manufacturing is Changing the Game

Canada is also a leader in technology and advanced manufacturing, with over 41,500 companies creating 919,000 tech and 1.7 million manufacturing jobs in Canada. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa are all ranked in the top 20 cities for tech talent markets in North America, making Alberta and British Columbia top destinations for business ventures. Canada is currently at the forefront of software development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), system integration, machine vision and automation, 3D printing and cybersecurity. It also has the 12th largest vehicle and 5th largest chemical production in the world. What does this mean for you and your business? The sky’s the limit for business immigration to Canada. Funding is available for your technology or manufacturing business through:

  • The Advanced Manufacturing (NGen) Supercluster – fund innovation in cancer and rare disease treatment
  • Accelerated Investment Incentive
  • The Strategic Innovation Fund.

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4. How Canada’s Fashion & Beauty Industry is Setting Sustainability Trends


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